Don’t Squash Your Own Sprouts

Great Confidence Training By Jefferson Santos


S stands for stop. Sometimes you need to stop and actually block time, to think about what you’re thinking about. Bill Gates does this. He has ‘think weeks’. Now I know that’s different. Maybe for us, we can do ‘think days’ or ‘think hours’, but he has ‘think weeks’ where he takes a week to think about stuff. We don’t have that much time, but stop and actually think about stuff.

We’re so distracted these days, we don’t even have time to think about things. Literally, every few minutes we’re distracted, and then it take 11 minutes to get back in the zone, or concentrated back to the task that we were doing. So that’s one thing, and this is how you nurture your sprouts, you grow and gain the confidence.

P is for ponder. You stopped, you’re thinking about like, why is it that I keep on doing this? Or, why is it that I like to do this? Or, why is it I’m always avoiding this? You have to do that.

Then R is record. Earl Nightingale said that ideas are like slippery fish. You’ve got to grab them with a pencil and get them on paper.

You need to be able to record what you did that day. Even if you got a front parking space at Target that day, that’s a quick win. Whatever those things are. I would look back a week in my organizer, or a month back, and see all the things that happened throughout the week, and throughout the month, and all the positive things that happened. This meeting went well. I got this parking spot over here.

Those things start to psychologically stack in your mind as well. Sometimes we get to the end of the week, and we’re like, man, what happened this week? If you really look back, and if you record your sprouts, you could see that, wow, you actually did accomplish something! You did get some forward progress in some areas of your life.

The next one is O, and that stands for Optimize. You need to be able to spend enough time to actually make a decision. Sometimes we’re so distracted that we try to multi-task, which really is kind of a myth. If you’re multi-tasking among several things, you have 40% less concentration on the things you’re trying to accomplish. You want to focus on one thing, and be effective at it, and actually get it done so you can move to the next thing. You’ve got to optimize, and stop trying to multi-task. Focus on one thing, get it done, and get it done right with excellence, then move on to the next thing.

U stands for utilize. You want to be able to utilize the resources that you have around you. Literally everything you need is around you, whether it’s a phone call away, a relationship that you’ve got, a business contact that you have, maybe a book that you have in your shelf, or whatever. A lot of the answers that you’re looking for are right there around you, and are resources. So make sure you utilize the resources that you already have. They might be right there underneath your nose.

T is track. Track what you do. Track the measurement of your sprouts. Is your sprout growing? Obviously, an easy way to do that is, you water your sprouts by talking good things about it, by talking to other people about it, by asking for help.

S is share, which I kind of moved into that. Share is, talk about your sprouts and share your sprouts. The average acorn tree produces about 13.5 million acorns in a lifetime. That’s not even counting all the acorn trees that are going to come out of those 13.5 million acorns. You can see, we’re getting into the billions, if not trillions, of acorns eventually. It all starts with that one sprout.


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